Kitchen Stove Counter Gap Cover,Seals Between Counter Range,Burner,Washer,Dryer,Extra Wide & Long,Heat Resistant,Waterproof Tape Set of 2

  • * IMPROVED Black Tape COVER 2-PACK lets you seal the gap between your stove and counter. Keeps spills, food, and dirt from falling down the gap that is hard to clean. Makes your kitchen or other areas smell better and stay clean, stove cover guard, gas range protector, transition strips between stovetop cover
  • * GENEROUS 78" LONG with wider 2.5" width. This is a big improvement over other gap covers that can be too thin to cover most gaps sufficiently. The Black color enhances your kitchen stove and better matches many counters and appliances.
  • * HEAT RESISTANT so you don't have to be so careful when transferring hot pans and food. The fiberglass tape withstands intense heat up to 572f or 300c. It helps preserve your gap so it works well and looks good for years to come. You Don`t have to clean the gap cover, its stay forever as a gap filler
  • * WATER RESISTANT & EASY TO CLEAN. Simply wipe up spills and dirt while knowing the gap between the counter and appliance is clean and sanitary. Solves one of the classic problems in kitchens when grease and food pieces drop down the gap and sit there for months and years. Easy to trim to customize to your kitchen and needs.No more floor transition strip - PUT IT and FORGET IT
  • * GREAT GIFT IDEA for anyone who spends time in the kitchen. Just right for birthday, holiday, or wedding gift idea. Many people are getting several of these 2-packs to outfit all their appliances including washing machines and dryers. Get yours now while we have this very popular innovation in plentiful supply. It's selling quickly.

Your kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas in your home, which means your stove can get dirty pretty quickly even if your family, friends, or pets are passing through. That’s why we want to help keep it cleaner, safer, and smelling better with the Larsic Stove Burner Cover. Designed to protect against dust, pet hair, dirt, food particles from the microwave hanging overhead, and much more; it’s a smart, easy-to-use solution that enhances the look of your stove but also adds much-needed protection.

Thoughtful Gift Idea

This multipurpose stove burner protective cover can be used by friends and family member with all types of gas and electric burners. Get one for yourself or give them as an exciting surprise for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, anniversaries or just because

Improved Day-to-Day Protection

Along with reducing the chance for dirt or debris to fall into the range cook tops our stovetop covers may even help prevent damaging the tops or preventing kids from reaching burner knobs that are on top. Ideal for more rustic, farmhouse stove styles.

Strong Hardtop Side

Once put into place our gas stove cover can be used as another food prep or countertop surface thanks to a flat design that’s great for cutting boards and setting down groceries.

Washable Cover

If the cover does get messy and you need to run it through the washing machine you can easily disassemble the hard surface pieces by removing them from the 4 accessible pockets.

Product Details:

Premium Gas Stove CoverProtects against Dust, Pet Hair, MessWaterproof and Easy to CleanHard, Stable Top SurfaceWashable and ReusableOpen Dimensions: 24” x 21”Closed Dimensions: 13” x 11”

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It could be cut, perhaps with an exacto tool or razor blade. Once it's cut, it may have edges that might need to have a binding..not sure if it would fray. Perhaps you could put a binding around it, if necessary. I do love the protector...when not in use I am able to put things on it,(i.e) baking sheets, etc. It looks very nice. I really like it.


I would not attempt to cut it as the ends are blinded and it will probably fray.... it’s a silky nylon on the top looks very nice the bottom is a rubberized grip


This cover can withstand temperatures up to 400 F with no problem. It's best to wait 5 minutes for it to cool down some. Then place the cover on the stove to protect others from accidents. It's also possible to set hot dishes on the cover. Just wait 5 minutes after cooking.


No it does not.
We bought ours for that reason and it melted. Wanted to protect people and our cats from burning themselves after stove top use.
Once its cooled down enough to put the cover on, then it's cool enough to touch


This top side can easily withstand up to 392 degrees F or 200C The Bottom side can withstand up to 200 Degrees F
When you finished cooking its better wait couple minutes until it cools down, it will save the cover for a long time
However, if you want to prevent harm to your kids or cats then you can put the top side on the stove, it more heat resistant than the bottom side
When it cool, then put the bottom side so it will not slide on the stove
Best Regards


I wouldn’t use it with the burners still hot.....warm would be ok. Hope this helps!