Larsic Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Countertop

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  • Larsic Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Countertop
  • Larsic Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Countertop
  • Larsic Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Countertop
  • Larsic Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Countertop
  • Larsic Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Countertop
  • Larsic Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Countertop
  • Larsic Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Countertop

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  • DRY DISHES EFFICIENTLY without driving-up your energy costs when you use the Larsic Kitchen Drying Mat. This space-saving dish mat transforms your countertop into a tidy and eco-friendly spot for drying clean plates, cups and utensils.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT non-woven top layer wicks away moisture from damp tableware so dishes dry quickly and with less spotting. When not in use, the Larsic Dish Drying Pad can be rolled-up and stored under your sink in its included drawstring bag.
  • NON-SLIP RUBBER UNDERLAY holds the Larsic Kitchen Dish Drying Mat firmly in place on laminate, granite, stainless steel, tile and other surfaces. It also acts as a waterproof barrier, keeping dispelled dishwater from pooling underneath on your countertop.
  • DURABLY CONSTRUCTED with anti-fray lock stitching around the full border, our drying pad for dishes presents a neat, tidy appearance. It is easily cleaned in your washing machine on a 20-minute cycle, followed by drying.
  • MANY STYLISH PATTERNS ensure a kitchen dish mat that complements your decor. Larsic Drying Mats for dishes offer an eco-friendly means for washing and drying your dishes in a small studio apartment or when traveling by RV with limited counter space
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Additional Information

Stop drying dishes by hand

With a Larsic Kitchen Counter Mat in your dish-washing arsenal, you can make quick work of cleaning-up after meals. This large dish drying mat offers a safe, cushioning spot for air-drying cookware, saucers, bowls and glasses once they are clean. Say good-bye to tediously drying each piece with a towel. Stack damp dishware on this super-absorbent pad and then relax with your guests while dishes dry naturally on their own.

Safe and cost-effective

Unlike the electricity-sucking drying cycle of a dishwasher, the Larsic Kitchen Drying Mat needs no power to dry your dishes. This makes it kinder to your household budget. Made of non-toxic components and reusable countless times, our dish drying pad is doubly eco-friendly. It features a soft non-woven top layer that is gentle to glasses rims and a non-slip rubber underside that holds it firmly to your countertop and acts as a waterproof barrier. It is safe and non-marring on wood, laminate, marble, tile and other popular countertop surfaces.

Make the most of limited space

The Larsic Drying Mat comes in a variety of exciting colors and prints to coordinate seamlessly with your other apartment essentials. It is machine-washable and quick-drying for easy care. When not in use, this versatile dish mat can be rolled-up via its integrated elastic loops. Stored in its included drawstring bag and stowed under the sink, your Larsic Drying Mat is always ready to help out in the kitchen.

Make the most of your kitchen counter space. Add the Larsic Drying Mat for dishes to your apartment necessities today.

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