Electric , Induction Glass Stove Cover - Protects from Scratches, Dirt, Extending Your Kitchen Space, The Best Design

  • PROTECTS ELECTRIC STOVE TOP from scratches, scrapes, glass cracks, and spills. Prevents dirt and grime. Simply lay this thick natural rubber sheet over your stovetop for effective protection of this valuable and essential part of your kitchen.
  • * LOTS OF EXTRA SPACE with the big 28.5 x 20.5-inch stove cover. Lets you use your stovetop as additional counter space for food preparation or other activities. This is particularly useful in small kitchens where more counter space is needed.
  • * ATTRACTIVE BLACK w/ ANTI-SLIP coating. This cover won't slide around when you're using it. The rich black color matches virtually every kitchen decor and most stoves. It will look like a natural part of your kitchen adding modern style and functionality.
  • * DISHWASHER SAFE for easy cleaning. This sheet is a pliable real rubber that folds easily. Simply bend so it fits in a dishwasher rack. Also, fold to store when not in use. Many people add their own rope or plastic handles to the mat and hang it on the wall.
  • INSTRUCTION MANUAL INCLUDED – a full instruction manual is included with your purchase so you can begin using your stove cover straightaway with ease. Please note that this electric stove cover is not suitable for placing directly onto a hot Stove

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