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Brand Story

It all started with a beautiful, high-end induction cooktop that I bought for my kitchen. The sleek design and modern look truly enhanced my cooking space. However, the next morning, I noticed my cat, Larsic, had left paw prints all over the cooktop. As a pet owner, I understood that it wasn't his fault, but it still bothered me. I tried talking to him about it, but to no avail – what a surprise!

Over time, I noticed that various objects would fall onto the cooktop and scratch the surface, and dust would accumulate as well. This frustrated me, so I began searching for a solution to protect my investment. I came across a few options:

Wooden boards: too heavy and prone to scratching

Glass boards: glass on glass – not ideal

Metal coverings: even worse than wooden ones

Cloth covers: slippery and didn't protect the surface from impacts

None of these solutions were satisfactory, so I decided to invent one myself.

I experimented with different materials, such as silicone, rubber, fabric, and various other components. After numerous trials, I finally discovered the perfect combination that met all my requirements: stylish design, lightweight, elasticity, and basic heat resistance. I created this product for myself and was thrilled with the results.

When friends and relatives visited, they would see my invention and wanted one for themselves. I gladly made more for them, and word spread among their friends and relatives too. Soon, I was receiving requests from people I didn't even know, asking me to make one for them as well.

That's when I realized that my invention could help many people, and the company Larsic was born, named in honor of the cat who unwittingly inspired it all. Today, Larsic happily sleeps on the very mat that serves people all around the world, completely unaware of the global impact he's had – all thanks to a curious cat named Larsic.