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The foldable stove cover protects your stovetop from scratches and damage, while keeping it clean from dust and dirt. Its foldable design saves space and provides extra workspace when the stove isn't in use. Made with durable materials, the cover is easy to clean and suitable for various stove types. The sleek design adds aesthetic appeal, preserves appliance condition, and helps maintain its resale value. This affordable solution ensures your stove stays in top shape for years to come.

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Pet-Proof Your Kitchen

Pet-Proof Your Kitchen

Keep your stovetop safe from curious pets with a protective cover that prevents scratches and damage. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your stove is shielded from pet-related accidents, ensuring a clean and well-maintained cooking surface. Preserve your appliance's value while giving your furry friends the freedom to roam. Upgrade your kitchen experience with this worry-free solution.

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Lightweight & Foldable Stove Protection

Lightweight & Foldable Stove Protection

Our foldable, lightweight stove cover outshines traditional wood-made and glass alternatives in multiple ways. Unlike wooden covers, which can be heavy and may scratch the stove surface, our cover is designed with a gentle material that prevents damage. Glass stove covers, while visually appealing, often lack effectiveness in protecting against scratches and can be cumbersome to store. In contrast, our foldable cover is easy to store, lightweight, and provides reliable protection, making it the superior choice for preserving your stovetop's pristine condition and ensuring a hassle-free kitchen experience.

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Our versatile cover not only excels in protecting stovetops but can also be utilized to safeguard the tops of washers and dryers. Its lightweight and foldable design makes it the perfect fit for various household appliances. Additionally, the cover can serve as an ironing surface for clothes, offering convenience and functionality. Experience the benefits of this multi-purpose cover throughout your home, ensuring protection and efficiency in every room.

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5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

19 hours ago

Awesome A++++

I originally bought this because I wanted to put all my tea bags out of their boxes and more within reach.

Carolina S.

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

2 days ago

Nice, sleek look

I purchase this to protect a new glasstop range from scratches. It is serving that purpose and has a nice, sleek look.

Emma S.

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

5 day ago

Fits perfectly

The product its self is very well made and fits perfectly! It makes the stove top look very classy.

Debbie T.

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

9 days ago

Ceramic stove tops are great

Ceramic stove tops are great, but with a microwave above it, one solid drop of something hard or heavy could result in damage.

William U.




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From scratches, scrapes, glass cracks, and spills. Prevents dirt and grime. Simply lay this thick natural rubber sheet over your stovetop for the effective protection of this valuable and essential part of your kitchen.


With the 24-38/21-24 inch stove cover. Let's you use your stove top as additional counter space for food preparation or other activities. This is particularly useful in small kitchens where more counter space is needed.


Fold the mat and put it in a cupboard or closet. Can go in the drawer at the bottom of many stoves. Some people add plastic or rope fasteners or loops to the edge of the mat, then hang it on the wall where it's out of the way while you're using your stovetop

Lots of Extra Space

Lets you use your stove top as additional counter space for food preparation or other activities.

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