Larsic Stove Gap Cover New !

Not like the others gap covers made from silicone

This gap cover made from fireproof material 

can be assembled to any gap 

No need maintenance

Simply  apply and forget 

No more worries 

Gives better look than any other kinds of gap covers

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Foldable Gas Stove Cover

Larsic Foldable Gas Stove Cover is Protecting Your Stove From Kids, Pets, and others as dust and dirt

Gives you more space

Can be folded 4 times

Has a Storage bag that can be hanged on the wall or simply in the kitchen drawer.

Waterproof Washable Material

Makes your kitchen looks gorgeous

*NOT HEAT Resistant - Cool down the stove before cover it

Check twice your stove size, buy once

Now in Stock 24" & 30" Size Reserve your cover


This cover won't slide around when you're using it. The rich black color matches virtually every kitchen decor and most stoves. It will look like a natural part of your kitchen adding modern style and functionality.


This sheet is pliable real rubber that folds easily. Simply bend so it fits in a dishwasher rack. Also fold to store when not in use. Many people add their own rope or plastic handles to the mat and hang it on the wall.